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still leapingCan you believe it’s April already? We’re going on four months of living our One Word.

Think back to January 1st. Remember when you picked your word for 2014? Or maybe you went old school and proclaimed a New Year’s resolution.

Remember when it was all fresh like the dandelions peeking their head out of the ground in spring? Remember how gung-ho you were? Are you still gung-ho, or are you like, “What one word?”.

I did a lot of soul searching when I chose my One Word. Maybe you did too.

So, how’s it working for you?

My word is LEAP.

Leap to tell my story; to speak my voice. No more hiding.

Leap to create. Create words. Create art.

Leap to trust God. Right where I am.

Leap to make a difference. To share my little blessing with others.

It’s written on my heart. This word has meaning. It means change, moving forward…and it’s scary.

Saying the word out loud hasn’t automatically taken away my fear. I am still fighting that fear to speak the truth of me; to speak faith.

My faith-walk is not without uncertainty. It’s not without questioning. Lord knows I don’t have all the answers. Oh, He knows!

There’s fear of putting myself out there. Not everyone will like what I have to say. In fact, I have wrote things people have not liked. The people-pleaser in me cringes, feeling all awkward like a junior-high-girl-with-low-self-esteem-dropping-her-lunch-tray-in-front-of-the-cool-kids. Not that that has ever happened.

Then, I have to take a moment, retreating to a quiet place to lick my wounds. And talk to Jesus.

I wonder if He is shaking his head because I haven’t “gotten” it yet?

But, I still continue to leap. Seriously. If I wanted a safe word I would have chosen the word “safe”. I would have chosen a word that didn’t require real effort. Risk. A leap of faith.

Learning to leap means not to place my value in the positive comments, number of Likes, or new Followers I get. Same goes for the negative comments. I have gotten more encouraging words than not. But, still. Why do the hurtful words sting so much? So, there still is fear.

I continue to leap anyway. Like it or not, I am speaking my heart. And that has value.

Tell me: How has your word helped you leap this year?

* * * * *

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3 thoughts on “Still Leaping | One Word 365

  1. I love that – LEAP! You go girl of Jesus!

    My word has never changed… Well it’s really two into one.
    Encourage and Love.
    My blog, my books, my writings, my devotionals… They are all centered around those. Because I’ve been through so much pain, I feel my life would be in vain if not being used by God.
    Thank you fur this beautiful post!
    Glad to be your “Holley Gerth neighbor”!


    1. Heather, Thanks for stopping by. I can totally related to being a “40 Year Wanderer”. But, as they say, it’s never too late! That’s the great thing about God. It really is never too late to have a relationship with Him. I love your words. We can use more Encouragement and Love in this world.


  2. Leap is a good action word for 2014. It takes a lot of courage and is exhilarating. Leaping builds character. I can’t remember if I chose a word for 2014 but I did last year. It was WAIT and God completely changed me for the better.


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