Making Your Dreams Come True

She operates a lovely spa in her home. One with sweet smelling lotions, waxes for removing unwanted hair, facial creams and a massage table. She dreams of taking over her basement and creating a wellness center. A place where one can go to relax, research wellness options, take an aromatherapy class, get a facial to make you glow from the inside out, and get a massage that will melt your to-do list right into the ground.

Recently, after a session of her pouring hot wax on my eyebrows, then ripping it off, she talked about dreams and the idea of speaking them out loud. Because speaking your dream out loud is a statement. It’s a declaration of that dream. You are putting your dream out there and seeing what returns. If you keep your dream inside…well, nobody knows you have that dream.

As a mom I can attest that I have been preoccupied with “mom-wife-woman-duties”.

Ladies, it’s our “job” to take care of the kids, the dogs, the house, and grocery shopping. We are Sherpa of kid’s things and husband’s things, child raising CEO, taxi driver, chef-in-training, runner of errands, master of the bed-time story...I ask is there room in there for a nap?

After we hunker down and get the job done, what’s left? Certainly not OUR dreams…

The dreams of our life are put at the bottom of the never-ending to-do list. We’ll do it when the kids are grown, when we have time, when we have money, when we sprout two more arms and a second head.

When did it become okay to put our dreams on hold? When did we get put at the bottom of our priorities?

I think I am not cool with that. Are you?

I have written about my OLW for 2014, which is LEAP. So far I think I have done okay with it. I have declared my word. I have spoke up to others about what it means. But it’s not good enough. I need to keep speaking it. Keep pushing forward. Keep checking off my dream-to-do list.

We all must LEAP to reach our dreams and that can be scary.

Leaping requires a whole lot of guts sprinkled with faith. Faith that it will actually happen, even if we don’t know how. And a lot of guts to vocalize our dream because people might think it’s “stupid”, or they might laugh.

Scream out loud with me, “SO WHAT!”

Seriously, do it right now…people might call you crazy for screaming at your computer…but, so what. Channel your inner Pink and do it anyway. You rock!

It’s your dream, not theirs. And your dream matters.

Live your life now, right where you are, not waiting for the right time. Because, there never is going to be the “right time”.

That is scary, right? I just scared myself writing that. No one wants to be laughed at. No one wants to be told their dream sucks. No one wants to put their dream out there only to get it stomped on, or for it to never come true.

But, what if…

What if your dream actually came true? What if instead of dreaming you were doing? What if you were living the life you dreamed? Or, maybe it will be better than you ever thought it to be. What if you proved all the naysayers wrong? Oh, that would be sweet.

Do one thing today that will put your dream in motion: Speak it out loud to one person. Do it right where you are. Even if you have no idea how you will accomplish your dream. Because you don’t have to have all the answers right now. You just have to start somewhere.

Say it out loud. Today.

* * * * *

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2 thoughts on “Making Your Dreams Come True

  1. Love this!!!!!!! You are a beautiful writer!!!! I am so proud of you! When you do put it out there, it WILL happen!!! Thank you for inspiring ME! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!


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