One Thing I Take For Granted…

Target, completely stocked!

On my weekly grocery shopping trip to Target last weekend something unusual happened. The normally overstocked produce was bare. Everything that should be refrigerated, produce, fresh meat, lunch meats, dairy, eggs, was almost empty.

Taped to the shelves was a note “Refrigerator outage. We apologize for the inconvenience.” The cashier later told me the refrigerator system went out and they had to throw everything out.

That would make for a bad day.

As I stood there in the meat isle, looking at the almost empty refrigerator cases, trying to figure out how to make my grocery list work…I realized something saddening.

I am spoiled!

Oh, yeah, I admit it. I am a spoiled American who takes for granted that I can just walk into Target, any day of the week, and buy mega bags of baby carrots, fresh meat, bread lined isle, and 6 different flavors of hummus…

price of groceries
*US Dept. of Agriculture Data

I take for granted the plethora of food right at my fingertips. What do you take for granted?

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2 thoughts on “One Thing I Take For Granted…

  1. Yes we are spoiled. We eat out to much. To think what we spend eating out for a family of four, could buy a month worth of food for a family in India. Sad


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