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Everyone has a story to tell. Yea, it’s true.

We all have something to say to the world…or maybe just our little world. Your story, your voice needs to be heard no matter the size of the audience. But, how do you do that? You write a book, of course!

How to Publish Your Book (and Just Maybe Become Famous) in Four Easy Steps*

Step One: Decide what story you want to tell. Maybe you want to preserve family recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. Maybe you have a children’s story just waiting to be told. Maybe you want to write a book about your travel adventures. Maybe you have funny stories to tell from your childhood. Baby books, wedding stories, a love story, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, family genealogy, a story of hope, your photography, the possibilities are endless.

Recently I received a totally free book from Blurb. I compiled stories from my scrapbooks and blog that I wrote about my daughters.

I entitled my book “I Love You More. Stories for My Daughters”, (named for one of our nighttime rituals).

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This is an excerpt from the book called “Adventures in Potty Training with Alexandra”:

One day, hubby and I were in the living room watching TV when Alex came out of the bathroom without any panties. She was around two and a half years old was still getting the hang of potty training, so having no panties wasn’t that unusual.

“I did it! I went poop!” she exclaimed.

We cheered, we clapped, we congratulated her…’cause that is what you do when your child is first learning to use the toilet.

I went into the bathroom to check that there wasn’t poop all over the toilet seat…’cause that is something else you do. There on the floor was her clean panties. In the toilet was only water.

“Alex, did you poop?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

Then she looked up at with a sweet angelic face and answered matter-of-factly, “Bailey ate it.”

Bailey is our Beagle, and she was doing exactly what she said she was doing…eeewww!

It’s not the most glamorous story, but I bet her kids are going to LOVE it!

Step Two: Log on to Blurb. Blurb’s downloadable BookSmart Program is easy to use, so I have no problem recommending this company to you. There is also a super easy online tool called Bookify, if you’re not into downloading the program to your computer. You can also turn your books into eBooks for your iPad. Cool, right?

Step Three: Write your story. Whatever your story; make it personal, make it yours. Don’t think your book is only meant to be shared with family. Let’s say you have an idea for a book that would be of interest to someone outside your family and friends, then you can sell your book in Blurb’s Bookstore. And, that would make you an author, my friend! Even cooler, right?

Step Four: Get Started Today with Blurb: (and if you use the affiliate link listed here I might earn enough money for a Starbucks© Frappuccino) CLICK HERE TO START YOUR BOOK WITH BLURB!

*Following the four steps listed above, and/or using Blurb to publish your book, is no guarantee you will become a famous author. However, I bet that author who wrote a book about the adventures of a wizard boy and his two best friends, while attending a magical school for wizardry, didn’t know where her book would take her either…she just told her story!

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