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In 2013, my One Little Word was Joy. And part of that joy was doing things brings me, well, joy. Besides to attend art school, I moved to Colorado for the mountains. If I could, I would move to the mountains. I love the snow, the wildlife, the pine trees, all of it.

It’s my joy-go-to.

van gogh quote On Valentine’s Day we took a little impromptu trip to the mountains to play in the snow. The best part? The kids didn’t have school so they could play too!

snowball fightJOY IN LAUGHTER | Parker was so ready for a snowball fight. She wasted no time hitting Daddy, her sister, and me!

snowball fightsnowball fightsnowball fightecho lakeAlthough Alexandra complained about going to the mountains, she had fun having a snowball fight…but she didn’t listen to me when I told her to grab her coat!

snow angelJOY OF SNOW IN OUR BOOTS | Parker, my little snow angel. I can always count on her to be up for a quick trip to the mountains.

Echo LakeJOY IN BEAUTY | Echo Lake in the foreground, Mt. Evans in the background. It’s snowing…wondrous.

snow roadSo. What’s your joy-go-to?

* * * * *

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  1. My Joy go to is opening “Have Faith Every Day” !!!!!! I love every one of your blog posts……..Makes me feel like I really know you and your SUPER family ….Keep ’em coming : }}


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