3 Women Inspiring Change Everyday | February

Women inspiring changeWOMEN INSPIRING CHANGE EVERYDAY | What I really love is when I find a blog that inspires me. I love reading about women who actually admit to not having it all together (gasp), along side the rest of us. I love well written words, good design, and doing good.

For your Monday morning, here are 3 women who are inspiring change right now. I hope you will find them as inspiring as I have.

stockvault-coffee-heart-art143868Faith Barista | “Because some days you need a double shot of faith.” (Really wish I had thought of that tagline!) Bonnie provides inspiring words to help keep the faith during the everyday grind. And, every Thursday she hosts a faith link-up which women can help spread encouraging words. Bonnie talks about real, honest faith, and seeing Jesus in the everyday.


Joy-Battle-by-Holley-GerthHolley Gerth | “If we were having coffee together, I’d lean in and ask about who you are, what you dream of, what makes your heart beat faster with joy.” This woman always has encouraging words for her readers. She is author many times over, sharer of words, and also hosts a Wednesday inspirational link-up, which I love to participate in. Mostly, Holley just speaks truth. The kind of love and truth women should speak to one another, lifting one up rather than tearing down.

heaven is here NieNie Dialogues | In 2008, Stephanie and Christian were in an airplane crash. Stephanie was burned over 80% of her body. Despite dealing with pain and challenges of the accident she writes about her everyday happy moments. She is an author and an inspiration to anyone who feels they have been dealt a rough set of cards. Oh, and I don’t think I have seen so much love between a wife and her husband as you’ll see on this blog!

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AND JUST FOR FUN | What’s your color personality? Take the fun quiz here to find out. My color personality is coral.

AND FINALLY | Happy birthday to my little sis who joined the 40 Club today! Don’t gag on what I am about to say…You are an inspiration to me. You are brave and always tell it like it is. You’re beautiful inside and out. I am proud to call you my sister.

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  1. Your sister is amazing. Even I her mother call an ask her advise. Always thought she should have been a counciler .


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