Valentine Bunnies

Another thing I learned in January was that I don’t like to sew stuffed animals… But the girls just “had to” sew these cute little bunnies. Yeah, they’re cute; and if there wasn’t hand stitching involved, I might have liked it better. Anybody with me?

SONY DSC sew bunny stuffed animalsThe pattern is from the book “Sew Fun” by Deborah Fisher. I got it for Christmas from Parker. She bought it mostly because the front cover features stuffed animals…and she is obsessed with those things!

Valentine’s Day is “just around the corner” and so are the class parties. I got a Valentine’s gift from the 1st grade teachers this year. They are having a simple Valentine’s party…(gasp) without the parents!

I have been praying for this day. Seven long years to be exact!

If you are a parent of an Elementary kid, you know exactly what I am talking about. Enough said. Simple juice and cookies, with a Valentine’s exchange is all these kids care about anyway. K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Silly.

valentine boxesAnd in case you think Parker has run away…she hasn’t. But she still writes words all over the house, including this she wrote on her whiteboard:

i love my familyShe really does love us…XOXO

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