What I’ve Learned This Month

Leap TattooWe are now a month into 2014…How’s your New Year’s One Little Word (or resolution) going? Staying on track or falling off track?

My OLW is LEAP. I have learned in order to reach any great goal one must have a plan (or two). Focus is a must to keep on track. To LEAP I must spend:

  • Time in Scripture
  • Time in Creating
  • Time in Writing
  • Time in Community

When self-hosting your own blog there is a major learning curve! I want to take a moment to apologize to my loyal Subscribers. You have received in your email box, a post twice and a really old post. I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, but this web stuff (i.e. learning HTML) is not my specialty. Please bare with me as I get it together and learn this new system! Thank you so much for your continued reading and comments.

  • If you are thinking about self-hosting your own blog, start here.
  • Then go here.
  • Read everything you can on the subject. People will tell you it’s “so easy” but really, knowledge is power.

To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.
♥ Joseph Chilhon Pearce

So, what have you been learning this month? Are you learning something about yourself and your OLW?

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