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Instagram photosPOSTED ON INSTAGRAM | rocco napping on the back of the couch / my home office and creative staff / can you say super bowl (go broncos) / back at the ice rink / morning coffee and the sunrise / crafting suncatchers (do you remember making those?)

FACETIMEOh, how times have changed | Today kids Face Time each other, connect online, and work together on their Mind Craft school project…without leaving home.

(Insert old lady voice) “Back in my day we ________________.”

UNOThe girls have rediscovered the card game UNO | And, they are driving-me-crazy wanting to play the game all-the-time. It usually ends in a fight. And, I play referee.

PHOTOBOMBSpeaking of times changing | I remember a time when Friday night was bar night. Last Friday night I chaperoned tweens at Jump City. Above: Alexandra and friends…Parker photobombing them in the background. Hi-larious! She doesn’t even know how funny she is.

Where I ask, “What the…?” | There is nothing like walking in the front door, after working all day and sitting in rush hour traffic, to strip off my boots and tights, only to walk into the kitchen to find a mess with sugar all-over-the-floor…and the stove…and the countertops! Which is now stuck to the bottom of my feet, between my toes. When asked, “Who did this?” Of course, there are three people in the house and nobody has a clue how the sugar got there. Upon further inspection, all the evidence pointed to Parker, age 7. Long story-short: She was bringing sugar AND flour (which I found in the carpet) to school so her friend could bake cupcakes. I have no words…

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