3 Women Inspiring Change Everyday | January

Women inspiring changeI read a lot of blogs. And when I say, “a lot”, I mean I currently have somewhere close to 100 blogs bookmarked on my iPad.

I may have an addiction.

I don’t read these 100 blogs everyday. Geez, I wouldn’t get anything done! These blogs fall under the category of Faith, Quilt Love, Craft Love, and so on…

What I really love is when I find a blog that inspires me. I love reading about women who actually admit to not having it all together (gasp), along side the rest of us. I love well written words, good design, and doing good.

Years ago I featured Women Inspiring Change posts. I would like to bring that back and introduce you to some wonderful women around the blogasphere. These women write about different subjects, but they have one thing in common: they are doing good in their little world. Maybe they aren’t solving the world peace thing, but they are changing lives…right where they live, and where God calls them. Don’t we all want to do that?

I hope you will find them as inspiring as I have.

A MIllion Little Ways Emily P. Freeman at Chatting At The Sky. She has written in this space for 7 years. She shares personal stories, photos, conversations, and faith writing. I am reading her new book, A Million Little Ways. In this book, Emily inspires all of us to “see the artistic potential in words, gestures, attitudes, and relationships.” I can’t get enough of her words. I had to buy the actual book (not digital) just so I can mark up inspiring text with a highlighter. (Yes, I know you can do that in iBook too; but it’s not the same.) Am I the only one who marks up a book (or Bible) with a highlighter?

It’s time to rescue our beautiful design from the dark grip of doubt and discouragement… It’s time to live as though we believe we have something to offer. It’s time to release our authentic selves into the world. ā€” A Million Little Ways

Kristen at We are THAT Family. I am not sure who “that family” is because she sounds a lot like my family. I think THAT is a good thing. Kristen writes about family, parenting, faith, grace and marriage. She writes encouragement for the everyday. She also is founder of the non-profit Mercy House in Kenya, which I am a huge fan. Mercy House is a maternity home to aid young girls in Kenya living in extreme poverty. She credits “God for building this house of mercy in the heart of Africa and it’s funded by moms and their family, just like you.” I would recommend this post she recently wrote: 5 Signs Kids are Struggling with Entitlement. Awesome!

Meg Duerksen at Whatever is one of the cool girls. Her blog is just pretty, clean, simple and fun. She blogs about life, the Lord, and crafty things. She also runs the Craft House in the heart of Kansas. You and your girlfriends can rent the house for a fun-filled weekend of girl-talk, sewing, antique shopping and glitter. I read there are lots of yummy food too! Get your craft inspiration on HERE.

Grab a cup of coffee and get inspired!

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