Let’s go to the Zoo!

Last Friday it was 55 degrees. Saturday we woke up to 5″ of snow. Gotta love living in Denver!

The girls’ winter break is over. All I have to say about that is “Hallelujah! And Amen!” They are driving me and each other crazy. Maybe it’s because we haven’t done a whole lot over the break. A few sleepovers, a little eating out, a trip to the mall, but nothing special. They’re bored.

We decided what they really needed was some fresh air…Let’s go to the Zoo! Remember it was 55 degrees on Friday? Yeah, everyone else in Denver had the same great idea! Oh, joy.

denver zoo

Alex in control of the map…
penguins at the denver zoo
This was Parker’s #1 must-see!
penguins at the denver zoo
denver zoo
Lanterns at the new elephant exhibit, but only one elephant.
polar bear
Sad looking Polar Bear.
giraffParker cried real tears when we stopped to get a snack. They were out of popcorn…she had her mouth ready for popcorn! Oh, the horror. She got ice cream instead; we all did. With the wind blowing it was too chilly, and ice cream was a bad call.

We did eventually find popcorn and it tasted like it was popped in July. But Parker was happy again.

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