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TRADITIONS | The day after Thanksgiving is not for Black Friday madness in our house. No. The day after Thanksgiving we put up the Christmas tree. This year I assembled our pre-lit tree only to find that one section will not light up. I changed the fuses. No lights. I check about 10 bulbs. No lights. I changed the fuses again. No go.

I finally throw my hands up in frustration and let the girls decorate it anyway…with an unlit ring around the tree. A trip to Target for a 100 pack of multi-colored lights fixed my problem. I just strung the lights in the area with non-working lights. You don’t even notice.

We have another little tradition in our house. We stack our growing Christmas book library under the tree. We read the books throughout the month of December…and we always add a few new books each year.

See that dog at the top of the post? Cute, isn’t he?

Well, he PEED on our Christmas tradition! He peed all over our books and tree skirt!

He’s not so cute anymore is he?

december daily

Okay, maybe he’s a little cute.

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2 thoughts on “Something Smells Funny…

  1. Okay, that was funny!

    We had the same problem with our pre-lit Christmas tree this year. However, my husband is painfully patient and checked EVERY SINGLE LIGHT and he found it after about an HOUR! Yes, he spent an hour on it rather than add a string of lights, which would have been my solution!


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