Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

It’s December 1st. The quiet of November is over…usher in the “beautiful mess” that is December. {sigh}

Over this month I will be creating posts revolving around December Daily. (If you’re not familiar with this month-long documenting of all things December, head over to Ali Edwards to get the 4-1-1.) But, before I can begin December Daily, we must wrap-up Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving wrap up

This tween cracks me up…

Alex-Funny Blog
Silly 11-year-old

First, she organizes the clothes in her closet by color. At least she’s not a hoarder. And, this weekend she had her first 100 Grand candy bar (from Halloween trick-or-treating). Upon tasting it, she exclaimed, “I love this candy bar! It’s de-lic-ious!” She makes me laugh.

So, I was looking through our Christmas album. Yes, we have an album that is nothing but Christmas! Don’t judge. Anyhoo, it’s funny the gifts Alexandra has asked, prayed, wished, and begged for over the years. When she was 3 it was  a Princess dress. When she was 7 she wanted a Nintendo DS (she had to save her money to buy it). When she was 8 she wished for a Zuca bag, which I sold this weekend on Craigslist. Her short-lived ice skating career is really over. All she wanted when she was 9 was a Kindle Fire. This year it’s a iPod Touch. And, that is all she wants.

All Parker wants this year is a sock monkey. She’s kind of obsessed. Ah, I miss the age when they just wanted something simple.

What are your kids asking for this year? Are the gifts getting more, and more expensive with age?

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