Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

pumpkin pie
creamy pumpkin pie

November 18: a gift made, shared, passed on

  1. quilting gifts all day
  2. this creamy pumpkin pie recipe (shared with you)
  3. clothing donations passed on

November 19: 3 gifts of autumn

  1. golden sunrise
  2. squirrels stealing pumpkins
  3. crunching leaves under foot

November 20: 3 gifts of tradition

  1. display of giving thanks
  2. writing gift wish list  (kids)
  3. family ancestry for class project to share a family tradition (photo below)

November 21: 3 family gifts

  1. sweet hugs and kisses
  2. laughter
  3. movie night

November 22: a gift grateful

  1. grateful for all blessings, large and small

November 23: 3 gifts only in Christ

  1. truth
  2. light
  3. love
dutch doll
Dutch heritage doll with wooden shoes

Happy Thanksgiving!

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