Hunger in America…it’s not who you think

If you think that hunger only happens to “those people”…

If you think that “those people” are just lazy because they visit a food bank…

If you think that “those people” just need to “get a second job” so they don’t have to choose between groceries and paying the electric bill…

If you think that you will never be one of “those people”…

You need to read this by The Happy Hausfrau.

hunger in american infographic
Hunger in American by the Numbers

November signals the start of the holiday season, and preparing for a Thanksgiving feast. But, for many in America the holidays are a time of struggle to put food on the table.

1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger…and it’s not who you think.

It could be your child’s teacher, the mother sitting next to you at the PTO meeting, your co-worker, the senior citizen cashier at Target, or your best friend.

I remember a brief time during my childhood when my mother (during her divorce) stood in line for Government food. Specifically, Government cheese. I remember standing in line, and the cheese. It was good cheese.

My mother was not “lazy”. She was not “living off the system”. She was not homeless. She had married young and became a homemaker. Then, she suddenly found herself being a single mother, just trying to feed her two young girls. She did eventually find a job outside the home, but for that brief time, she did what she needed to do. We have never talked about it, so I don’t know how she really felt about having to ask for help. But, I am willing to bet my mother never thought she would be standing in line for food.


On average Americans spend $10-$25 per week on their Starbucks® (or other brand) coffee fix.* The food bank in our community can more than double my monetary contribution…$1 will provide $2.50 worth of food. One week of Starbucks® coffee would provide $25-$62.50 worth of food. That’s big.


For the record, I have my own Starbucks® habit. I have nothing against a hazelnut frappuccino or a peppermint mocha. It’s freakin’ delish! But, for the cost of a latte you and I can fight hunger in America today. Skip the caffeine, instead, take what you would spend on coffee, once a week for a month, and support your local food bank. That’s my challenge to you. Don’t have a coffee habit? How about soda or fast food? Same challenge to you. Or, better yet, do it for two months.. {gasp} or a year! Do the math.

Won’t you consider joining me in the fight against hunger this Thanksgiving Season?

Maybe you have never needed to visit a food bank. You truly have something to be thankful for this season.

But, what if…


Mark your calendar for Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 10. Donations will be accepted at Colorado Gives with a goal to inspire and unite Coloradans in supporting local nonprofits.

*Source: The Cultureist (price based on age group; $10/week age 45+; $24.76/week age 18-34).

2 thoughts on “Hunger in America…it’s not who you think

  1. We have a one nite a week church feed an worship free for anyone. Feed them an they will come. If there is any left overs there is plenty of them that take it home. Never thought of myself as a good cook. But they all say I am. I think I have hungry followers. But if it helps led them to Christ I will keep on cooking.


    1. Maybe they are just really hungry! Just kidding. I can say that cause you are my mother. 😉 Everybody needs food and it’s always appreciated.


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