A Neon Themed Birthday Party

Neon birthday party

Parker turned the big 7 this weekend. Apparently, it’s a big deal to go from 6-years-old to 7-years-old. I can’t remember that far back. Her theme of choice was “neon”.

sherbert bomb
Sherbert Bombe with neon candles

Neither of my girls are much of cake-eaters. Which, at times has made me wonder if they really are my kids. Parker’s favorite ice cream right now is Sherbet. But, what’s a birthday without cake, right? Enter the Sherbet Bombe.

{To make a Sherbet Bombe, or ice cream bombe, simply line a loaf pan with plastic wrap. Choose 3 flavors of Sherbert. Thaw Sherbert #1 so that it is spreadable, but not runny. Spread 1/3 bottom of pan. Freeze for at least an hour to firm up. Repeat with #2 flavor, then #3 flavor, freezing between each layer. To get the bombe out before serving, just run the underneath side of the loaf pan through water. Turn pan upside down onto serving platter and slide the pan and plastic wrap off. Slice with a knife.}

neon party
Party central
neon party theme
Place setting, neon colored pencils, lots of Glow sticks too
neon party theme
Neon Twizzlers…yum!
sherbert bombe
Sherbert Bombe in the dark
ice cream bombe
Blowing out the candles

Happy Birthday, Parker! Make a wish….

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