Show and Tell: First Quilt

It’s finally finished!

My first quilt.

6 long weeks.

Many frustrations.

Not the prettiest stitching on the quilting.

Lots of learning from mistakes.

A Christmas quilt that will be loved no matter the mistakes.

Christmas quilt
Quilt front
Christmas quilt design
Quilt back
Christmas quilt

Just don’t look too closely…that is why there is no close up photos!

4 thoughts on “Show and Tell: First Quilt

  1. It’s wonderful! And you even put a label on it. It feels so good to finish the first one but then I got addicted and now I can’t stop. LOL


  2. It is in your blood. Your great grandma Jane Schlesinger, and your great grandma on your dad’s side; an your aunt we’re very good at it.


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