Going to camp for the first time

Alexandra headed to Outdoor Lab today. Here in Colorado area schools have a wonderful outdoor education and team building program for 6th graders. These are lucky kids!

Outdoor lab
Duffel bags and backpacks ready to go..

For the next four days my girl will be zip lining, team building with fellow classmates, learning basic mountain survival skills and hiking.  She’ll be bunking in a cabin with 13 other girls; this is her first time away from home that mom and daddy aren’t just a few minutes away by car. Yikes!

Oh, and s’mores. There will be s’mores around a campfire ring.

The kids have been preparing for this for a year with fundraising. This is a happy day for middle schoolers.

Outdoor lab
One happy girl

After dropping the girls off at school and saying “goodbye”, I ran a few errands. On the way back home I drove by the school and couldn’t help but slow down to see her excitedly getting ready to load her bags onto the Coach bus.

She’ll be home on Thursday, but for now I am excited for her and this little adventure.

The upside? She gets experience sleeping away from home so that this summer, when she visits her Aunt Shannon in Kansas, she won’t miss me so much 😉

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