I am her mother, not her friend

This weekend Alexandra ran a 5k with her cross country team. It was a fundraiser for the Food Bank of the Rockies hosted by Panera Bread. I was going to walk the 5k with another team mom, but my almost-teenager didn’t want me too.

She wanted to hang with her cross country team friends.

Without her mother hanging around.

Sad face.

This is the first time that I can remember her not wanting me to come along to an event. I knew it would happen eventually but I wasn’t really prepared for it. And I didn’t think it would make me this sad. For all the times she begged me to hang with her at a birthday party, or swim party, or whatever, and I really didn’t want to go; I wished for this day. And, now that day has come. She openly doesn’t want me there. {sigh.}

I have tried to make her an independent girl. I want her to be a girl who wants to hang with her friends more than me. That gives us both space. An 11-year-old shouldn’t hang on her mom. But, still…it’s a bit of a sting.

I am happy she is making new friends with her team. She seems to have lots of friends with different interests. And that’s a good thing. But I am not one of her friends. I am her mother.

That’s the way it should be, right?

I didn’t get a photo of her at the race. Just this quick picture in her team uniform before she left with a very cool mom, whom she doesn’t mind that she walked the race.

I knew this day would come…I am not her friend, I am her mother.

Her time was 34 minutes in the 5k (3 miles).


I have had a cold for four days. Four days of misery. Finally felt better on Sunday to sew simple envelope pillows for the girls.

Envelope pillow
We made the black polka dot pillows, one with a white ruffle.

Envelope pillow
And, the green zebra striped pillows, one with Pom-poms.

I found the awesome YouTube how to video hereGo make something creative.


One more thing to uplift you this Monday morning…. just when you think that the News is full of nothing but fighting, death, war, people behaving badly that I am starting to wonder where has compassion and grace gone? Then I read this story. When bride-to-be canceled her wedding the family didn’t scramble to get their money back for the lavish reception. No, the Fowler’s fed 200 homeless and hungry. Thank you Fowler Family. You are people who inspire!



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