A wet September

When your state makes the National News for weather…it’s never a good thing.

Hwy 287 and Dillon Road, Lafayette, CO (Source)

Yesterday: It’s a day off from work because my commute was flooded. We got over 6″ of rain over night. Doesn’t sound like a lot? That 6″ of rain translates into 60″ of snow.


Wednesday: Alexandra competed in her first cross-country meet. One and a half miles in the rain.

The final push coming into the race finish.

Good thing she loves to run in the rain.


Halloween Mask
Owl mask and fun Halloween hat.

Last Week: Parker and I tried on Halloween masks and hats at Michael’s. All under $10 on sale!

Christmas quilt
Christmas quilt progress.

The Christmas quilt is about 2 weeks away from being finished! I found this Viking 400 on Craigslist last week and have already tried making a doggie coat for Rocco. Sadly, it was a fail. This just confirms that I need to stick to quilting.

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