We’ve been married how long?

Hubby: We got married in ’93?

Me: No.

Hubby: ’94?

Me: No. I am really getting a kick out of this. It was ’95.

Hubby: Really?

Me: Yes, really.

We were married on Maui. I remember it was a Thursday. Who gets married on a Thursday? Anyway, we both have always had trouble remembering if we married on September 7th or 9th. Or, maybe it was the 8th? Apparently, Hubby has trouble with the year too.

After the above conversation, Hubby digs out our marriage certificate in hopes of proving me wrong. What was he thinking? It was ’95…too bad both of us are wrong about the day. We were actually married on the 7th of September, not the 9th!

After 18 years of marriage it doesn’t matter which day you celebrate, as long as you actually do something. Right?

18 years. That’s a long time.

Song choice of the day: True Love by P!nk. After 18 years, those lyrics pretty much sum it up. No sappy romantic story here…just true life.

I’ve been told I am not very sentimental.

18 years of… highs, lows, hum-drum days, going to bed mad at each other, a lot of cold shoulders, tears of joy and sadness, slamming doors, rejoicing together, laughter, lots of laughter, wanting to tell the other to “shut up already”, and just trying to survive.

When you have been together this long you have 3 choices: call it quits, kill each other, or hang in there…because this is only a moment…it won’t last forever (hopefully).

That may be brutal. But, for those love birds out there who are getting ready to marry, or are in their first few years of marriage with love still in their eyes…WAKE UP! It is not going to be all roses and sunshine. You’re not the exception to the rule.

Marriage is not Endless Love. It’s not what you imagined. It’s not always happy days and passionate nights. Your role in marriage ebbs and flows with life. It’s valleys and hills. It’s a roller coaster ride.

Marriage is hard work. If your spouse was your boss, would he/she think you are doing a good job?

Wow. This wasn’t supposed to be a bummer post. But do you want honesty, or do you want me to blow smoke up your skirt? Never mind. Don’t answer that.

This is my favorite picture of us:

me and glenn 1990037
Circa 1990

It was taken when we started dating. He had hair and I was thin-ish. We were young and blinded by love. We were not at all prepared for what would come in 18 years of marriage. It’s too late to turn back now.

One year,18 years, or 50 years, it doesn’t matter. Don’t take your marriage, or each other, for granted. Respect it. Celebrate it.


Finally…Happy Birthday to my favorite nephew, Chance (and not because you’re my only nephew either)!

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