My New Obsession: Quilting

When I was a teenager I dreamed of moving to NYC and becoming a fashion designer. There was only one small problem, besides my Mom forbid me from moving to NYC, I couldn’t sew.

Anyone who has watched the Project Runway knows you have to be able to sew! I took home economics my Junior year and sewed a camp shirt that turned out slightly crooked. It wasn’t my thing and I said, “Auf Wiedersehen” to fashion.

I tried my hand at sewing again this summer with the girls. I made a skirt. Even though Sherri (our sewing instructor) swore to me that the bottom was straight, Alexandra swears it is a little bit crooked. Maybe I could start a fashion trend of crooked garments? Still, not my “thing”.

But Sherri got me thinking about quilting. You’re mostly sewing straight lines. I can sew a straight line. There is no elastic, zippers, or hems. Quilts don’t have to be straight, do they?

First quilt
Fabric Love

I took a trip to an amazing quilt store to purchase my first quilt fabric. It’s going to be a Christmas lap quilt. Sherri swears it will be easy…and straight. But I’ve heard that before.

Wednesday is the girls’ last sewing class of the summer. I made this wreath for Sherri to hang in her sewing room:

fabric rosette wreath
Rosette Wreath
fabric rosette wreath
Rosettes and pins
Inspiration for the wreath here and instructions for the fabric rosettes here.

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