Weekend Lens | August

school clothes
First day of school outfit?

Saturday was our annual back to school clothes shopping night with friends. My friend and I treat our girls (4 total) to dinner then shop til we drop…or are broke, whichever comes first. Dinner at Larkburger, then Kohl’s, Walmart and JcPenney.  The best deals of the night? JcPenney clearance rack.

Date night

Friday night the girls camped out in a friends backyard. They slept in tents and cooked over a camp fire. Hubby and I wanted no part of that. We went on a rare date night. We tried Cracovia (Polish cuisine) in Westminster. We had the platter for two, because we didn’t know what anything tasted like…delish!

chicken toes
chicken toes
She powered through it

Alexandra made me dinner tonight. She picked Chicken Toes from Rachael Ray’s cookbook. She wasn’t liking the part where you have to dip the chicken into beaten eggs. But she stuck it out and finished. We did decide that we don’t like the sweetness of this chicken (it calls for Allspice and brown sugar) and have come up with our own recipe. We’ll let you know how it turns out.

She was also on a cleaning spree today. She cleaned and organized her bedroom, her sister’s room and did her laundry. I am so lucky. There was a time when I swore she was becoming a hoarder. But not today.

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