Count Down to the First Day of School

10 Days and Counting…Seriously, I am!

Alexandra receives 1st Place in All-Around at the gymnastics (Level 4/5) mini meet. She was shocked! When they called her name, she wasn’t sure they were talking about her.
Parker wasn’t real happy about her everyone-gets-a-ribbon-for-participating ribbon. There was only 5 points separating the two.
sewing for kids
The girls finished their sewing skirt project.
sewing for kids
They still have the matching purse to sew, but may not get that done before school starts.
sewing for kids
Two layer skirts
School clothes shopping at Target. Super Skinny Jeans in grey.
school shopping
Which Kicks make her feet look cuter? Really? She ended up buying a white pair.
school shopping
She just loves shoes.

TODAY: School clothes shopping at Target for jeans ($12 on sale), underwear, & socks. Payless Shoes for tennis shoes, er, I mean, Kicks. This weekend is more shopping. They both have grown over the summer and have no pants, leggings, or jeans to speak of. Yippee…

HEARD THIS TODAY ON THE CELEBRITY GOSSIP TV SHOW, TMZ: How many gallons of paint is needed to cover the exterior of the White House? The White House takes 570 gallons of paint. Although, I don’t know if that is one or two coats. Who says TMZ isn’t an educational program?

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