Cool school lunch box ideas

School is just 2 weeks away from starting here in our world. I am excited and dreadful at the same time.

A new school year means…besides that I am now cash-poor from school supply shopping, clothes shopping, registration fees and sports fees…I must figure out what to make the kids for lunch every. single. day. I almost hate this part as much as I hate homework!

Our kids attend a Charter school, which means there is no cafeteria in the traditional sense. Lunches are catered. I know, right? Actually that happens a lot around here and I have an issue with it but…until I win a million dollars, I can’t build a cafeteria for the school, so I pack lunches most days.

I pack lunches for two reasons: To control the food my kids are eating; and to keep the expense down. Okay, I’ll admit the expense is the real reason. At $3.85 per hot lunch x 2 kids, that can get pricey. I don’t even spend that on my own lunch!

And, on the occasions that I do let the kids pick a hot lunch (because I am just plain tired of making lunches) they inform me that they didn’t have enough time to eat…AND DIDN’T FINISH THEIR LUNCH! Money thrown away.

I’ve been pinning ideas, mostly to get the kids excited about trying new things, or they will get a PB&J every day. Do you have the same problem? Here’s is a few of the kids’ favorite ideas. Also, some of these ideas would work great for your brown bag* sack lunch at the office too!

Cool Lunch Box Ideas Roundup:

lunch box ideasSource:

back to school lunchesSource: Back to School Holidays

back to school lunchesSource: Alpha Mom

school lunch ideasSource: Super Healthy Kids

easy lunch box ideasSource: Easy Lunch Box Ideas (100s of ideas)

lunch box ideasSource: This Box Rox

lunch box ideasSource: Canadian Family


*According to Seattle’s Office for Civil Rights the politically correct term for “brown bagging” is now “sack lunch”. Thanks Seattle. I will never think of a brown bag the same way again. Don’t you just love America?

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