Echo Lake Picnic

echo lakeLast week we threw some sandwiches and drinks in a cooler and headed to the mountains. I really needed my mountains-fix.

echo lake
Mountain duck taking a dip in the lake
mt. evans
The girls getting along…for now
scoripion pose
Alexandra’s scorpion pose
mountain flowers
Purple mountain flower
mountain flowers
Blue mountain flowers

On the way down the mountain we stopped at my favorite place to explore near Mt. Evans. This river, with its many little waterfalls, is just off the main road on the Idaho Springs side.

mt evans road
Love this to be my backyard
heart in nature
Heart bark
scorpion pose
Another scorpion pose
mt. evans
Portrait near a fall
mt evans road
They really wanted to take their shoes off…later they did
mt evans
The water is so cold

I feel truly blessed that in under one hour I can be in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. This is why I live here.

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