Make it Work: How to Modge Podge a Dresser

I bought this used dresser on Craigslist for $20. I over-paid. Although it serves its purpose, it is cheap and ugly.

modge podge dresser-2

Since our last project (see below), I am kind of wanting to Modge Podge everything now. A few fabric samples, Modge Podge, a little ric rac and an hour later…I transformed Parker’s dresser into this:

modge podge dresser

It’s an improvement anyway.

And, for those of you who stopped by for the “how-to”…here ya go.

Modge Podge Dress-how to

The fabric samples I bought were to short to fit the whole length of the drawer. I had to “make it work”.

  1. Remove drawer pulls and wipe clean.
  2. Measure and mark each drawer where to glue the first piece of fabric. I made it easy. The center piece is the width of my fabric, just centered on the drawer.
  3. Apply Modge Podge to the drawer face, paying attention to get all the way to the edge. Lay and press down the first piece of fabric in the middle of the drawer. Really crease the edges so that it is glue securely.
  4. Cut and glue fabric to fit the left and right side of the drawer. It doesn’t matter if the pattern lines up because it will get covered with ric rac and won’t be noticed.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Hot glue the ric rac over the seams. (Modge Podge and fabric glue were not working on this ric rac, so I used hot glue.)
  7. Carefully trim the extra fabric off  around the edges of the drawers.
  8. Carefully  poke a whole in the fabric to reattach the drawer pulls.
  9. Viola!

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    1. I am afraid it might look a little “grandma’s house”…but it still looks better than before! Thanks for stopping by.


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