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I am sure my hubby wonders what the heck we do all day now that I am home with the girls. Well, let me tell ya, I am not sitting around watching Soap Opera’s! Are they even on TV anymore? I realize that this may be kind of boring to a lot of you, but this is what a stay-at-home mom’s day look like (or, my day, anyway):

Midnight  |  Still up putting the final touches on some logo designs.

12:30  |  Finally, off to bed, if I can shut off my brain.

9:00  |  Wake up, that’s was 9 only hours sleep. That’s a good night.

9:30  |  Girls are still asleep. Turn on Today Show, start load of laundry.

10:00  |  Girls are out of bed for 5 minutes and are already fighting. Make them breakfast.

10:30  |  Swiffer/sweep floors/vacuum carpet/switch laundry, start another load.

Noon  |  Work on more logos, quickly. Kids make their own sandwich for lunch and kind of clean up the kitchen.

12:30  |  Leave for gymnastics center, pick up 3 more girls to take along. It’s Open Gym time to practice or play.

1:00 – 2:00  |  Watch girls at gym. Research logos on iPad.

2:00 – 2:45  |  Take 5 girls to Smart Cow for a treat. I was out voted!

3:00  |  Call Comcast about the mysterious cable equipment that just showed up via UPS. Apparently they changed my “bundling” and I now have tv cable too…which I don’t want because I have a dish. Sigh.  (This turned out to be a 2-day ordeal which ended in us switching to Century Link…it’s a long story.)

3:30  |  Switch out laundry, fold/hang clothes.

4:00-5:00  |  Work on more logos while I listen to Judge Judy. Love her.

5:00  |  Play ball with Thor. Alex got her new phone taken away for back talk. Ah, puberty, it’s a wonderful thing. Watch the girls pick up dog poop and fight about it. It’s their new job to earn money.

6:00  |  Start dinner. Grilled buttermilk chicken and corn on the cob.

7:00  |  Clean up from dinner. Feed the dogs. Rocco is still on his chicken and rice diet.

7:30  |  Hang/fold last of laundry. Head outside to watch girls ride bikes in cal-de-sac. Porch sit with neighbors.

8:30  |  Inside, it’s dark. Check email for logo design updates. Take shower.

10:00  |  Girls to bed. Stay up and watch the Real Housewife’s of Orange County (guilty pleasure).

11:30  |  Bed for me tonight.


Alexandra made an agreement with Parker, who is 6, to stop fighting and yelling at each other so much.

To which Parker replied, “Yeah, because we are really pissing off Mom!”

True that.

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  1. Stay at home is what I want to do now that I am 60. But that can get lonely and I kids are work in progress every min. But you will be their best friend when they are a lot older. An they will have days they don’t fight.


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