First Sparklers

This was my 6-year-old’s first experience with sparklers. You can’t buy them here in Colorado, but friends brought them back from Iowa. The girls had gone crazy giggling and running with the sparklers that a safety lesson in order. Again. And, again.

Sparkle and Shine…
Even with a sparkler in her hand she is still posing!
If they stand still and just move the sparkler in a circle…you get this.
“This is so cool!”
And f they don’t stand still…you get this. Parker is the only one standing still.
Only Alex’s third time with sparklers.
Try 2 sparklers at one time!
Crazy sparklers
“Mom! Take my picture!”
The end.

2 thoughts on “First Sparklers

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  1. I watched several fireworks shows this year and loved it cost me nothing but gas to get there. I liked them better if set to music. I always found it a waste of hard earn money to buy them; but I didn’t think that way when I was a kid.


    1. Yeah, we drove down to the park to see some fireworks. And even though personal fireworks that leave the ground are illegal in Colorado, it doesn’t stop our neighbors from shooting them off.


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