A Lesson in Carnivals

Parker’s fist “roller coaster”: The Caterpillar! (ooh, scary)
merry go round
This merry-go-round is boring…and old!
Carnival Candy
Alex rode the Avalanche 3 times!
ferris wheel
Selfies on the Parker’s first ferris wheel. Only 5 tickets each = $10
ferris wheel
Ferris wheel in black and white
Finally, daddy is smiling because we are leaving!

A tough lesson for my kids at the street carnival: Carnivals are rigged. No, seriously. There is a reason you only see one person walking around with a giant stuffed panda bear. The games are impossible to win. I could have bought a non-flammable stuffed animal at Target for the price Daddy just paid trying knock the milk bottles over with a baseball. John Stossel did a hidden camera show on that once…the milk bottles are weighted and the baseball is not a regular baseball, it’s lighter. But, when you have kids, that’s what you do. You try to win them a giant stuffed panda bear.

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