The gross, the beautiful, and the 1980s

WARNING! This is kinda gross. I have yet to catch a squirrel eating at my new Slinky feeder. I know they are eating the peanuts because I have refilled it twice in one week. But now I have to remove it from the backyard.

Our little toy poodle, Rocco, has been eating the peanuts the squirrels drop on the ground. Or, maybe he is eating the shells, because it seems the squirrels are cracking the peanuts right there at the feeder; leaving the shells on the ground below.

In either case, Rocco had diarrhea in the house twice from eating the peanuts/shells. And when he has diarrhea she squirts it all over the walls. He doesn’t hunch to poop, he backs himself up to a wall and sprays! He lets loose a cannon of poop. Think paint ball with poop.

Glenn lost his breakfast cleaning up his latest “accident”, but was kind enough to leave some for me to clean up. It was nice and dried up, and stuck to the trim too.

Bet you wish you had my life at that moment…

He looks like he is carved out of wood.
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly likes the petunias.
The peonies have come and gone.
Peonies still wet after a quick rain shower.
30 minute lightning show…
…presented by an awesome God.

You know you’re old when you are watching Back to the Future with your 11 and 6-year-old and have to explain:

  1. the StarTrek and Star Wars references;
  2. who Edward Van Halen is;
  3. who Chuck Berry is, and how Marty changed the future when he played Johnny B Goode at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance;
  4. that Ronald Regan really was an actor before becoming president;
  5. that the audition band judge who tells Marty, “I’m afraid you’re just too darn loud,” is Huey Lewis and why it is funny.

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