Friday | the short list

I’ve been busy this week designing logos for clients. It’s fun to be doing that again but also hectic trying to make it work around the girls’ schedule of gymnastics, sewing lessons, play-dates, and general keeping busyness. I thought summer was meant to be relaxing?

  1. There’s this woman I know named Liz. Liz has been mentoring a troubled young girl for some time now. She is helping a young girl grow, find her way. Changing a life. Because of Liz, this girl is on her way to becoming a young lady with a bright future. And, I can tell you that this young girl has changed Liz’s life a little bit too. You see, I knew Liz before. Before she mentored. Before she gave too much thought to helping a trouble girl. I have seen how much she has changed in her heart. She has combined two passions in her life: helping troubled kids and running, and together they are running the Possibility 5k in July. This run is to raise money to support mentoring programs such as the one they participate in. Go here to learn more about their story and how you can make a difference in a young person’s life today. Go. Now.
  2. The girls asked me if they could switch bedrooms. Like a crazy person I said, “Okay”. It felt like we were moving.
  3. Fourth of July is…just around the corner! This week we made a few good ‘ol USA crafts. A wreath from scrapbook paper and a paper plate. The craft details for the wreath can be found here. Enjoy!
    4th of july wreath
    Happy Fourth Wreath

    I told you it was a short list!  Have a great weekend.

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