Summer Project: Sew a Yarn Scarf

My neighbor (Sherri) is an awesome sewing queen….so, when I asked if she could give my kids sewing lessons this summer, she jumped at the chance. As it turns out I recruited 3 more girls in the neighborhood to join along.

Sherri started with a show-and-tell with the girls. They oohed and aahhed about all the cool projects they can make once they learn to sew. This got them excited.

Then, she went over the basic rules of sewing, because no one wants to take a field trip to the ER to remove a sewing needle from little fingers!


Note of warning: the following is in no way a detailed how-to. I can barely sew myself, so these are basic instructions.

sewing for kids
Layered yarn.

Use just about any kind of yarn will work. Lay your yarn out in long strips (56″) on to a water soluble sticky-backed stabilizer. Completely cover the sticky sheet with your yarn. You shouldn’t be able to see any stabilizer. And, be sure to use every single yarn in the basket, Parker.

Sewing with kids
Sandwiched yarn.

Then, lay stabilizer sheets on top of the yarn, like a sandwich. This holds everything into place when you sew.

Sewing with kids
Sew forward, then back again.

Sew the whole thing in straight lines, going back and forth across the width of the scarf. You will not be able to see the stitches when the project is completed. This is perfect for little seamstresses, because being completely even and straight is not important.

Sewing with kids
Go slow at first.
Sewing for kids
Soak in hot water.

Soak the scarf using hot water. The stick-backed paper magically dissolves! Put the scarf in a garment bag and wash in the washing machine until all the stickiness is gone. This may take up to 4 runs in the washing machine. Line dry.

Sewing for kids
No two scarves are alike.

Viola! You have a fun and funky scarf that your kids can say, “I made this!”

Sewing for kids
Close up.

Next weeks lesson: personalized pillow cases. Oh, the girls are excited about this!


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