How to Make a Wreath Squirrel Feeder for $3

My backyard is turning into an urban zoo. I bought a house for the woodpecker who was pecking on the side of our house. I keep my bird feeder stocked at all times (for birds, and squirrels). I keep sugar water in my hummingbird feeder. So, you know it was only a matter of time before I started feeding the squirrels too!

I stumbled upon a homemade squirrel feeder on Pinterest. Although my version is a little more “homemade” looking than theirs, it still does the job. I don’t think the squirrels will care what it looks like anyway!

Squirrel Feeder
Attach Slinky to hoop with twist ties or wire.

My friend, Amy stopped by when I was assembling this. She said I was crazy for feeding property destroying squirrels. Apparently she had some rebel squirrels who ransacked her attic.

Something you may not know about me: If squirrels made good pets, I would have one. Or two. And call him Sparkles.

Homemade Squirrel Feeder
Fill the slinky with peanuts, hang in a tree, and wait for the party to begin!

The plastic embroidery hoop/ring cost $2, the Slinky cost $1, and I used twist ties and a clamping ring-thingy that we had laying around in the garage (free). Total: $3

A 5 pound bag of peanuts at Wild Birds Unlimited cost me $20. So, I guess the wreath squirrel feeder actually cost me $23.

Apparently, woodpeckers like peanuts too.

4 thoughts on “How to Make a Wreath Squirrel Feeder for $3

  1. If you were a real country girl; you would like fried squirrel. That is a Ozark supper that was your grandma Scrivner’s favorite and tons too!


    1. Yummy! Fried squirrel…remember when I brought hubby home for the first time? He was only a new boyfriend then, and you feed him fried squirrel?


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