Summer Fun Hair

RIGHT NOW  |  Black Forest Wildfire in Colorado Springs, Colorado is one of three wildfires burning across the state. As of 6/13/13 there is over 15,000 acres burning, 360 homes lost, and two people dead. This fire is shaping up to be the worst wildfire in Colorado history, even worst than last year’s Waldo Canyon Fire also in Colorado Springs. We can smell and see smoke in the air up here in Denver. Pray for the firefighters, rain and no wind.

Around 11:30 on Thursday morning Alex and I hear a huge “ka-boom” that shook our house and rattled the windows. I ran outside to see if something happened at the house across the street that is being re-roofed. It sounded like a bomb went off. It turns out that a house explosed just east of us. Actually, it is 2.3 miles from our house! It was natural gas. Two houses were completely lost and four others are heavily damaged. It’s a miracle no one was killed in the explosion.

Now for something a little less serious…

Summer Hair Color: ION Color Brilliance, Sky Blue, Semi-Permanent

ion hair color

ion hair color

ion hair color

ion hair color

ion hair color

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