Life | June, Week One

LIFE NOW  Alex’s bike was stolen from our front yard last nite. Of course, this was one week after hubby had scolded the girls for leaving their bikes out (because they might get stolen), and I rolled my eyes (because they haven’t been stolen in 6 years). Sigh. Luckily, hubby found her bike on his way to work. It was 3 blocks away laying on the sidewalk!

Waiting the Tire Store for 2 new tires. I hate car repair!

Overheard at the Tire Store: Woman with bra strap hanging out of her shirt asked the woman with the cute purse, “Where did you get that purse?”

“Online,” cute purse lady replied, “but you can get it at the Spa on 76th.”

“Oh yeah?, how much was it?” asked the bra strap lady.

“It was $200,” replied cute purse lady.

The bra strap lady declared, “Two. Hundred. Dollars?! Oh, that is too much to spend on a purse! I am more of a Walmart kind of girl.”

No kidding.

Then, my 11-year-old sent me a text (she is sitting right next to me) to tell me that lady was rude…

Chaos at the vet clinic.

The only thing I hate more than car repair bills is taking the dogs to the vet for shots. A vet visit is usually just as costly as car repairs. I grew up in the country and nobody took their dogs to the vet to get shots. Unfortunately for me both dogs were due for shots at the same time…and the girls are out of school. So, I had to dogs who did not want to be at the vet and 2 girls who were doing everything possible to keep the dogs hyper.

Poor dogs…

What is with the color of the walls? This blue does nothing to sooth and relax anyone in this room.

Parker with her ribbon, but she really wanted to win!

The girls had their first gymnastics mini-meet. This gave them a little taste of competition without the pressure, because everyone got a ribbon.

Yeah, whatever, Mom.

Parker scored higher than Alexandra, which I am not sure how that was possible. But that did not make her big sister any happier.

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  1. You also have to remember that trips to the doctors or dentists weren’t that often either. When my brother cut his ear lob just about off; your grandpa just taped it back.


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