Life around here

Dogs tug of war
Life at home

The dogs are playing tug-of-war with a sock. This is why the girls never have socks. Parker has made a tent under the dining table (in background). She has brought out every single stuffed animal she owns to camp out with her.


I took Alexandra to the doctor for something completely unnecessary. She can be a bit of worry-wort about some things, even though her mother told her it’s nothing. The doctor confirmed that too.

Then, BAM…the doctor informs me that she needs shots, not at 13 as I thought, but when she turns 11…which was 4 months ago. Surprise, Alex! She was not happy. She thought about making a run for it. She cried for 15 minutes and begged to come back another day. She finally realized there was no way out and let the nurse inject her with Meningococcus and Tdap, and this is what happened (above)…Ouch!

Of course, it’s my fault.

God Rays
God Rays

I worked for my old office all last week to fill in for “my replacement” who was on vacation. On my way to work on Friday morning I saw this through my windshield…God Rays.

WWA Walk
Together we are Stronger

We participated in the Woodrow Wilson Academy’s Wright Cause fundraiser on Friday. About 3 p.m. there was a rain shower but then the skies cleared in time for the walk to start and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful afternoon! It was a 3 mile walk. I tried to walk at a fast pace since I didn’t have time to workout all week since I was working. The girls took off at the front of the crowd to run the whole 3 miles. I think they ran maybe 1/4 of the mile. Alex will need some serious training if she wants to join the cross country team next year.

Face Paint
Face painting

The face painting is always a hit with the kids.

Hula Hooping at the gym

Parker hula hooping in her new leotard at the gym. The girls each got 3 new/used leotards this weekend. They feel like “real gymnasts” now.

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