Summer Art Club For Kids

Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means…I need to keep the kids busy! My girls are such little artists so I have started compiling art projects to keep them busy. And, thanks to Pinterest, I can find so much stuff!

watercolor birds
Easy watercolor birds

Inspiration from Elvie Studio. These little birdies are so easy, even my 6-year-old could paint them (see below)!

easy watercolor birds
Parker’s little birdies
watercolor for kids
Freestyle watercolors
watercolor for kids
Mousies, bunnies and blue birdies

Instructions for Bunnies, Mousies, Piggies, and Birdies, oh my, at Elvie Studios.

art journal ideas
Inspired by a journal sketch by Elvie Studios
I love a new set of watercolors

This print is available in the shop.

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