What? You don’t throw a birthday party for your dog?

dog birthday party
That’s my boy!

I’ve never planned a doggie birthday party before. Not even for my beloved, spoiled rotten Beagle, Bailey! But for some reason the girls wanted to have a party for Rocco who turned 5-years-old last week, or 35-years-old, however you want to look at it.

frosty paws
Frosty Paws mini “cake”.

I just didn’t have the energy to bake a dog-friendly cake for this party (like this one at Bakingdom). We just served Frosty Paws doggy ice cream with little dog biscuits on top. I did decide candles would not be safe with a skittish poodle. But, we had party hats. You have to have party hats.

doggy party
Rocco, don’t think you will be getting ice cream everyday.

I have a soft spot in my heart for toy poodles. We had one when we were growing up. She was grey and her name was Bandy. As in, Moe Bandy. I dressed her up and took pictures of her in crazy sunglasses and hats. She was spoiled. Rocco might be a little spoiled too. We call him Little Prince. He wears a blinged pink collar. And, when I have him groomed he is so handsome! He needs to be groomed now.

dog birthday party
Rocco, are you done yet?

Thor is waiting intently for Rocco to finish his ice cream because he already scarfed his down. They have this routine when eating dinner: They will eat what they want out of their own bowl, then they check each others bowl, and eat whatever is left. And, sometimes, if there is no food left, they just lick the empty bowl. Is this just weird or normal dog behavior?

doggy party
Yummy, that was good!
pet birthday party
Nah, he’s not spoiled…

When we inherited Thor and Rocco (it was in the Will) I never thought they would be loved so much by the girls. Even though they are loved and members of the family, part of me still feels like they aren’t really our dogs; we are just taking care of them for our friends.  I imagine Ed, Big Ed, and Pearl were looking down and rolling their eyes at this party.

I have bad news for Ed…Thor turns 10 next month. And there will be another party!

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