Now this is what I call a snow storm!

Finally…a real snow storm. My unofficial snow measuring system of a rusty tape measure on the backyard patio table shows 13″. And, no school closures. What?

If you remember last week the schools closed before snow started to fly, we ended up with 6.5″…and school was closed. What gives JeffCo? I had 2 very disappointed kids (and mommy) this morning!

Robin in snow.

My neighbor has this flowering crabapple tree. The Robins were having so much fun all day picking up the crabapple buds. Hopefully the tree will still bloom this spring after the snow melts. Maybe they were playing in the snow a little too.

robin in snow
Robin in the snow II.

I had to grab my telephoto lens and umbrella to get a few shots. This Robin had no problem letting me get close to take these pictures.

Follow the leader.

I was simultaneously balancing a pink umbrella on my head so my camera didn’t get wet, kneeling with my knee in a snowy puddle, and trying to hold the camera steady, when I hear a “slosh-slosh-slosh” sound coming up behind me. It was my 6-year-old, Parker, sloshing through the snow…scaring away the Robins.

Robin picking up flower buds.
black lab
Thor loves snow days!

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james scrivner
James Scrivner

My grandpa passed away in Missouri on Saturday. Strangely, this reminds me of certain things in life I don’t pay attention too.

  1. How much gas cost in Colorado. I need gas, so it doesn’t matter to me how much it cost.
  2. How many miles to a gallon my car gets traveling from Colorado to Missouri. I got there in one piece, that is all that matters to me.

But, those are the two questions Grandpa always asked me when I was in Missouri for a visit. And, you know, I always made sure I had the answer for him, because I knew he would ask. Rest in peace, Grandpa.

Oh, yeah, unleaded gas is $3.47 a gallon and I get 23 mpg in my mini van…

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