How to ride a pony.

Remember that Seinfeld episode where the gang is making fun of people who own ponies? Yeah, that was the first thing that popped into mind when a friend asked if we’d like to ride a pony. The kids, not me.

Turns out it wasn’t her pony. We went to a ranch-in-the-city that rents ponies. Got anything to say about that Jerry?

Are you kidding me? My kids were so ready for this!
Pony named “Baby”, of course.
pony rides
We rented 5 ponies and she rode every one.
The Horse Hair Stylist.
Spony rides
Just look at the beautiful smile!
And this girl couldn’t be happier either.
pony rides
She’s riding off into the sunset…

On Location: Wild West Ranch in Arvada, Colorado. Rent a pony for $5 per child. They also have pony parties at their ranch or…wait for it…in your own backyard! They also have horse trail rides. Put that on our summer wish list!

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  1. Is there a message behind that comment ; “got anything to say about that , Jerry” ? (haha) Do you mean your Dad ?


    1. LOL i was asking if Jerry Sienfeld had anything to say about rented ponies… 😉 I never evn thought about that.


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