Before I was a mother…

Before I had kids my favorite Saturday’s were spent with my hubby. We’d sleep in late. Eat brunch at Denny’s. He always got breakfast. Me, not being a breakfast fan, I got lunch. Then, we would head to one, or more, of our favorite antique malls.

We’d spend the day looking around. Maybe we found a few treasures or bargains, maybe we didn’t, but the important thing was we were spending time together.

Now, we have kids. Things change. Priorities change. Things need to be done. There is no time to have a lazy Saturday. There are gymnastic classes, school functions, or kids birthday parties (always on a Saturday) to attend.

I have been longing for those days. I love my kids to the moon and back…but some days I want to at least try to remember that I am more than a Mother. That I once laughed with my hubby. That my calendar once was filled with “want to” rather than “have to”. That I once had hobbies. Any mamma’s with me?

Parker and her $5 stuffed animal.
Jars of marbles.
Bowl of wood type. I collected these…once. Had a type box and everything.
salt shakers
Really like the green salt shaker on the right.
I am going to file this one under “Joy”.

Actually, I had to {gasp} bribe Parker with a stuffed bunny and a hot fudge sundae from McDonald’s to go to the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall with me. Yes, with kids there is bribery. She isn’t as much fun as hubby would have been but she was a pretty good shopping partner…once I found her the stuffed bunny.

3 thoughts on “Before I was a mother…

  1. As new parents, my husband and I are just starting to feel the same change you’ve experienced, the one with no hobbies =P Just the other week I had to remind my husband that no, we could not join our friend for an evening concert in the middle of the week because you can’t bring a baby! In all the excitement he had forgotten about our sweet one =)


    1. Oh, how your life changes when you have kids. Yes, we experience things we never would have otherwise, the hard part is not losing oneself in the process. Congrats on your new baby…remember to take time for yourselves too. 🙂


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