It’s just like a spa…

…unless you’re looking for a fashionable resort where a Swedish hunk named Stefan serves you champagne while you relax in a whirlpool tub.

Then this isn’t it. It’s just a 1970s bathroom redo.

But, it was a nice visual anyway…

lowe's bathroom
Inspiration from Lowe’s: Paint color from Valspar, called Sauna.
bathroom before
Bathroom Before

The first thing we did when we purchased this house in 1998 was gut this bathroom. There was even a window in the shower. It’s been that long since it’s been painted! It’s so tiny. Typical for this middle-class neighborhood.

bathroom after
Bathroom after

Alex helped me paint. I still need to switch out the faucet for a silver version…

This is the first item on our to-do list during spring break. Remember when I said I was so excited about spring break? Yeah, it’s going to be a long one. Three days into it and the kids are fighting like cats and dogs. {sigh.}

Where’s Stefan when you need him?


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3 thoughts on “It’s just like a spa…

    1. Sadly, I didn’t mention that this is the girls’ (ages 6 and 10) bathroom. But it is so pretty…


  1. nice. want to do mine? I have been wanting it done, but have been to busy doing nothing.


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