Thank Goodness it’s Spring Break Time!

Tomorrow is the start of Spring Break…thank goodness. I am so looking forward to sleeping in everyday, not having to wake up early to get the girls off to school, no making school lunches, and no after-school activities!

talent show
Parker and friend after the show

Parker and her friend participated in the school talent show on Thursday night, but there was a full dress rehearsal on Tuesday, and the girls practiced twice a week for 3 weeks on their gymnastics routine. Alex channeled her inner Abby Lee and played choreographer. The girls did forget some of their routine, but they are only 6-years-old, so I will cut them a break. This prompted Parker to proclaim, “That was embarrassing!” I thought they did awesome. But I may be biased.

art show
Art from my little artists

The school art show was this week too. Both girls have art on display. They are so talented. They get it from me.

Big Time
Alex in the Hamster Ball

We went to Big Time Trampoline Center after school on Wednesday. They have not had gymnastics all month (unless you count the cartwheels and round-offs in my living room). Gymnastics start on April 1st. Both girls are at Level 4 and very excited to be back in the gym.

field trip-blog
Westward Ho!

Alex took a school field trip to Four Mile Historical Park. The kids got to ride in a covered wagon and cook corn fritters over a camp fire. Alex was so impressed with the corn fritters she got the recipe!

Earlier this semester her class studied the Oregon Trail. They were divided into groups, or wagon trains. Everyday they were given a challenge to get through, i.e. trading goods with Indians, deciding what and how much crops to plant, where to find water, etc. Everyone on Alex’s wagon train died of starvation.

Alex received a student award for Honesty. Her classmates voted for the kids who best displayed the Core Virtues of Honesty. I am going to start calling her “Honest Al”. No?

On tap for Spring Break, besides sleeping in?

  • Painting the girls’ bathroom and updating it with accessories. Alex picked the color.
  • Maybe hiking to Alberta Falls and Bear Lake in Estes Park. The forecast is for snow this weekend so we will have to see how the weather is later in the week.
  • Finish the Skate Club newsletter. This is my last issue as editor. Alex is no longer skating. It’s kind of sad that we will no longer have to get up early on Saturdays for practice, no more sitting in a freezing ice rink, no traveling to competitions & spending all our free money on skates…not! Oh, wait, I guess my money is going to gymnastics instead. At least the gym is warmer…
  • Dye Easter eggs.
  • Have friends over for roasted chicken. A new recipe. I hope I don’t screw it up.
  • Planting Pansies in our hand-painted pots to give to neighbors.

Basically, we’re not doing much… 😉

So, do you have big plans for Spring Break/Easter? Let me know.

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