Me and my big mouth…

Charlie the Betta had a little accident that led to his untimely death. It wasn’t my fault, even though I was the person to clean the tank the day before. Alex even absolved me of all fault, but she still wanted me to replace it.

We were looking at the Bettas at Petco when it happened. Without thinking things through I opened my big mouth: “You should get a hermit crab then I won’t have to clean the fish tank.”

Little did I know how much it would cost me when she proclaimed that an excellent idea! I don’t even want to say how much. Too much for a little crab. Good thing he (or she) is way cool!

hermit crab
Hermit Crab named Korie (named after Duck Dynasty’s Korie)

If you have been keeping count (like you would?)…that’s 1 hermit crab, 1 Betta Fish (Parker’s), 2 mice, and 2 dogs.

parker under the sea-blog
Parker learning about sea animals at school

Parker’s Kindergarten teacher is so amazing! She has a way of getting the kids excited about learning. Her teacher takes pictures every few days and sends them out to parents.

cell model
Working on Science project
Cell model

Alex’s Science project of a cell model is made of $14 in candy. This girl loves science. That is why she was so upset this week when she received her report card with a C in science. It’s her only C.

window view
View out my dining room window today

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  1. Si and I think it was Jase were at the casino where we work weekend before last….My supervisor was working on an ice machine when who walks up but Si for some ice for his iced tea !!!!! He took a picture with him …….


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