Project Life | It’s Monday

Drag myself out of bed. Wake the girls up. They need breakfast. TCAPs start today. Good news is there should be very little (if any) homework this week.

Drive to Target to pick up hubby’s prescriptions. Pharmacy doesn’t open til 9am. Drive back home. Vacuum carpet. Sweep floor. Swiffer floor. Empty dishwasher. Move dirty dishes from sink to dishwasher. Call to enroll girls in new gymnastics program. (Both girls were tested this weekend, and both are at Level 4!) Clean fish tank. Poor Charlie has to swim in that filth!

Go to Target, again. Wait 40 minutes for prescriptions. Pick up a few more groceries that I forgot yesterday. Drive home. It’s started snowing again.

Hubby is still curled up sleeping where I left him…on Parker’s bed. Change cyan ink in printer. Print out emails that need to be saved for skate Club newsletter. It’s only 11am.

March 4th snow

I receive a text from my acupuncturist. Are you on your way? Crap! I forgot about my appointment. Reschedule my appointment for tomorrow.

Listen to Thor napping, and snoring, on the living room floor. Look up the Women of Faith Conference dates online. Two loads of laundry, washed, folded, put away. Pick up my friend so we can pick up our girls at school. It’s still snowing.

Black Lab
Thor playing in the fresh snow

Parker informs me she has snack day tomorrow. Back to Target to pick up snacks for 24 classmates. If you’re counting…that’s 3 times I have been to Target!

Finally, home to start homework. Explain to Alex, again how to figure 20% of  $55. Glue ric-rac and buttons to our spring pots we started last week {below}. Leave on windowsill to dry.

painted pots
Painted pots on windowsill to dry.

Dinner: pigs in a blanket and salad. Parker’s choice. On TV: The Biggest Loser. {Go Danni!}

Get kids ready for bed. Read to Parker. Kisses goodnight. Alex reads until 9pm, then lights out. Aahhh, finally…

Who said being a stay-at-home mom isn’t work?

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  1. Love the make over on the biggest loser. But they work out 4 hours a day! Can you fit that in to going target 3 times a day? Not to forget house work.


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