Project Life | Feb. Week 4

Snow day? No such luck kids. The snow came on Sunday.

My awesome neighbor snow blowing our driveway and sidewalk.

We have a snow blower but my neighbor beat me to the snow! He is so nice (and I think he really likes to use his snow blower.)

Still in her pjs from last night’s birthday party sleepover.
snow angels
Parker’s snow angel

Love the sucker in her mouth!

snow angels
Alex’s snow angel

We’re not really into matching clothes around here…

colorado snow
Baby it’s cold outside…

Snow boots are on the wrong feet.

stuffed animals
Ready for bed…all of us!

Parker has no less than 25 stuffed animals piled on her bed under the blankets. I know because I counted them.

My girls love stuffed animals. How many stuffed animals does one kid need?

I used to discourage them from getting stuffed animals, but now I am afraid my discouragement will twist their brain-thinking in some warped way and I will turn them into hoarders. Stuffed animal hoarders.


Rocco brought Thor’s stuffed animal to me to play.

black lab

Thor wasn’t in the sharing mood.

2 thoughts on “Project Life | Feb. Week 4

  1. Love it !!!! It was sad when my girls grew up and left…..didn’t take ONE of their stuffed animals!….Donated the ones in new condition….


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