Winter Storm Warning

Well, not exactly. The forecast was for 3-8 inches of snow. We ended up with 3 (maybe). Bummer.

Alex was wishing for a snow day because she had so much homework last night and didn’t finish her math. Actually, she finished it, but then realized it was the wrong assignment! Between all the running around back and forth to the hospital to see Daddy there just hasn’t been enough time this week. She was more concerned that turning in this math assignment late would bring her A-B average down. Silly girl.

My sister got the snow in Wichita! Seven beautiful inches. Although she doesn’t think so.

snow shovel
Lucky me, I got to shovel the snow.
snow on pine
Snow on the pines.

One of my neighbors shoveled my sidewalk at 5 a.m. but it started snowing again.. What great neighbors I have.

2 thoughts on “Winter Storm Warning

    1. Shoveling in usually my hubby’s “job”. I was really hoping that we got enough snow so that I could use the snowblower!


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