Simple Sunday

simple sunday

Simply this week…Rocco got groomed. Alex got a tattoo mustache on her finger. I got some flowers from hubby. Watched the new 007 Skyfall and That Beautiful Somewhere on DVD. Girls night with my 11-year-old to see the movie Warm Bodies (very funny). My good friend is at home after having a double mastectomy. She was pretty sick after. I held the vomit bowl while she emptied her stomach…what are girlfriends for? Rehearsals for the school talents show. Park & her friend will be performing gymnastics (choreographed by Alex) and two 5th grades will be playing guitar. Rock ‘ roll! Thor got groomed too. He isn’t as photogenic, but he does smell a whole lot better! He ran away from home. He took it ball with him and found some kids down the street who would play fetch.


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