Things I learned this week…

birthday cake

  • This icing will turn your lips, tongue, and teeth blue. Like a Smurf. And only 6-year-olds like Smurf-mouth.
  • Before washing your reusable grocery bags, be sure to check that there isn’t anything in the bag that doesn’t belong… like, say, a lone Royal Blue Crayon (who knows how it got there). Because, if it goes into the dryer it will melt, and you will ruin at the least 5 of your favorite shirts and 8 pairs of underwear.
  • Nothing releases tension like a good cry with a friend; followed by laughing until you cry some more with that same friend because we look ridiculous crying in Church.
  • Magic Eraser and WD-40 is your new best friend when you need to clean melted Crayon out of your dryer.

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